Development of electronic devices is hard!

Do you have an idea for awesome electronic device, but you don’t know how to build it? Well, we do! We can offer you turn key solutions for development of hardware and embedded software. 

What we offer

Professional development of hardware and embedded software

Production, assembly and testing of prototypes

Flexible pricing options


Conceptual design based on your specifications

Every device starts its life as idea. This idea needs to be converted in to set of technical specifications, for device to achieve its desired functionality. Here at Siworks, we know that defining precise specifications is a tough job. That’s why we cooperate with our clients, so the end products always achieve desired performance.

After the basic specifications have been written, we use years of experience in electronics design and sometimes simulation software to create buildable and reliable devices


Hardware design

We use modern cutting-edge electronics CAD software, for schematic capture and printed circuit boards design. Our software also allows efficient management of bills of materials and professional documentation generation.


Embedded software design and debugging

Most electronic devices on market today use some kind of programmable integrated circuits. At Siworks, we know the importance of bug free embedded code design. To achieve that we use up to date IDEs for embedded software design and appropriate debugging hardware.


Prototype assembly and testing

We offer small series prototype assembly and testing. In this process we use all kind of specialized assembly and testing equipment.


Manufacturing arrangment

When you are satisfied with the product we created, it is time to start manufacturing it. Siworks can help you arrange manufacturing runs at fabrication house of your choosing.

We got your attention? Don’t hesitate to contact us!