Development of electronic devices

From idea to product

The development of electronics devices is a complex process. The developed device must be of high quality, not too expensive to produce and must comply with all valid legislation. Here at Siworks, we are experts in developing devices that have all the attributes described above. We start the development of a new device by first creating a concept and then preparing specifications based on the customer’s demands. After that, hardware and firmware for first prototypes are developed. They are improved and tweaked in iterative testing – redesign cycle, until they perform as the customer requested. The final step in the development cycle is the preparation of documents for mass manufacturing.



Development and testing



Customer wishes and protype development

When a customer approaches us with a new project, we first thoroughly study their requirements and wishes. We also provide consultations for our customers. Once we fully understand what the developed device must do, we create a document with detailed specifications. At this point, we also create a quotation which defines the price and duration of the project. We are happy to provide a turnkey solution or just a subset of our development services.

Hardware development

Hardware development is started with the selection of appropriate electronics components. Our company uses modern miniature components suitable for machine assembly (SMD components). We are designing the product for mass manufacturability at this stage, by using only high-quality components with known life cycle status. Electronics schematics and printed circuit boards (PCB) are designed next. We comply with good engineering practice and relevant standards (IPC) while doing so. Care is taken to develop a device that can be mass manufactured in large quantities, and that complies with  all applicable standards (safety, EMC, …). Simpler devices are designed using double-sided PCBs, while more complex ones use multi-layer PCB with high-density interconnect (HDI), if that is necessary. We have experience of designing PCBs on classic laminates (FR4) as well as with insulated metal substrate (IMS) and polyamide (Flex) ones.

Software development

Modern electronics devices contain programmable circuitry. Here at Siworks, we are experts in the development of embedded firmware. We use modern compilers, debuggers, and other development tools to produce reliable firmware for all types of microcontrollers (AVR, ARM, PIC, MSP) and more complex microprocessors that run operating systems such as Linux or Android. By partnering with external developers, we can also develop software for PCs (Windows, Linux, Mac), mobile devices (Android and IoS) or web-based applications.           

Prototyping and testing

To be sure that the device is functioning as expected, we create a prototype of it. Simpler prototypes are produced in house, while for more complex ones. we use the services of our partners that offer machine assembly of PCBs. We use professionally made PCBs for all kinds of prototypes. We test them in a modern electronics laboratory using modern testing equipment. When developing a device of higher complexity, we produce multiple prototypes where newer versions fix the shortcomings of the previous ones. We repeat this build – test – redesign cycle until the customer is fully satisfied with the developed device.

By using the services of our partners, we can prototype more than electronics – development of housings and other mechanical parts, 3D printing (FDM, SLS, STL, …), CNC machining and vacuum forming are just some of services we can arrange.

Preparation of manufacturing documentation

After development is done, we prepare technical documentation. Good documentation reduces the likelihood of complication in the manufacturing process and eases the servicing of the developed device later on. Different types of documentation are produced for different manufacturing partners (PCB production, PCB assembly, final assembly, …)


We can organise the complete manufacturing process of the developed devices as we collaborate with business partners who are experts in the field of PCB manufacturing and assembly, plastic casting, metal machining, …